Volleyball Drills To Liven Up Your Practice

Here is a great set of drills, compliments of the athletic department at The University of South Carolina-Aiken. http://www.usca.edu/volleyball/page3.html


Mid Season Volleyball Rankings Put Illinois At The Top

NCAA Division 1 women’s volleyball rankings place Illinois, with a 19-0 record, at the top.  The Big 10 holds three places in the top ten, with the Pac-12 and the Big 12 each taking two top ten spots. The ACC holds one top ten spot (Florida State) and North Carolina’s women are 18th.

USA Today Puts Volleyball In The News

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The Sept. 19 edition of USA Today featured the U.S. Womens National Volleyball Team.  The article acknowledged the women’s team victory in the NORCEA Women’s Continental Championship, the first step towards an eventual berth in the 2012 Olympics. You can read the USA today article by clicking here.


Time To Vote For Your Favorite Coach

The NCAA Women’s Volleyball season is in full swing, and it is time to vote for your favorite coach. Liberty Mutual is sponsoring their “Coach of The Year” competition, and you can cast your vote by clicking here.

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Great Tip For Getting Scuff Marks Off Your Floor

No matter how well you care for your wooden gym floor,  it is bound to get scuff marks. Try this to get those scuffs up. Take a tennis ball, the newer and fuzzier the better, and dip half of it in warm clean water. Grip the ball tightly in your hand and buff the scuff […]