Coaches Mentoring Program Now Accepting New Registrations

The American Volleyball Coaches Association’s mentoring program has been connecting veteran coaches with those new to the field since 2010. This program gives upcoming coaches access, one-to-one, to some of the best minds in the field and it is a great community builder. Registration is open now and will continue until August 11. Click here […]


You Want To Be A Volleyball Player? Better Watch This First

This light hearted look at being a volleyball player might just open your eyes as to what it really takes to be a serious volleyball player. Thanks


Concussion Awareness Spreads To The Volleyball Court

The recent focus on head injuries and specifically concussions that began with football is slowly, but surely spreading to other sports. While the likelihood of a concussion in a non-contact sport like volleyball is much lower than with a contact sport, it is a real danger and needs to be understood. The combination of high […]


Savvy Teams Adding Heart Rate Monitoring To Training Regimen

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The Polar Team App, from heart rate monitoring company Polar, allows athletic trainers to monitor the heart rates of up to 40 athletes at once by utilizing Bluetooth technology. Each player wears a Bluetooth sensor that monitors the heart rate and communicates with a central processor. Following heart rates allows coaches to see how hard […]


Volleyball Too Easy? Give “Hooverball” A Try

When President Herbert Hoover asked his personal physician to come up with some activities to help keep him fit, the doctor invented a game that has come to be known as “Hooverball”. Played on a court similar to volleyball, with teams on opposing sides of an 8 foot net, the game used a medicine ball, […]


Volleyball Has A Language All Its Own

If you want to be taken seriously as a volleyball player (or a fan), you need to speak the language. Before you take to the court, take the vocabulary test. Here is a list of the terms you’ll need to know.


Leg Strength Exercises Will Get You Over The Top

Volleyball conditioning matters for every part of the body, but everything else takes a back seat to leg strength. Before you take to the court, spend a few minutes with these leg exercise tips provided by the AVCA.


USA Volleyball Joins Effort To Limit Concussions

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Following the the steps of football and other contact sports, USA Volleyball has joined in the national sports initiative to identify and prevent concussions. Awareness that concern for head injuries needs to extend to the volleyball court, USAVB is working with the Center For Disease Control to develop and distribute tools to coaches, parents and […]