Facebook Really Likes Volleyball

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A search for “volleyball’ on Facebook brings up this staggering statistic. 31,451,952 Facebook users have declared that they like volleyball!  


You Want To Be A Volleyball Player? Better Watch This First

This light hearted look at being a volleyball player might just open your eyes as to what it really takes to be a serious volleyball player. Thanks Volleywood.net.


Concussion Awareness Spreads To The Volleyball Court

The recent focus on head injuries and specifically concussions that began with football is slowly, but surely spreading to other sports. While the likelihood of a concussion in a non-contact sport like volleyball is much lower than with a contact sport, it is a real danger and needs to be understood. The combination of high […]


Jargon Watch-How To “Talk Volleyball”

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Most sports have their own lingo, and volleyball is no different. About.com has a whole section on volleyball vocabulary. Click here if you want to be able to “talk the talk”. Volleyballtape.com is your leading source of information about setting up temporary playing courts with gym floor tape.  


Volleyball Photo Tip

Shooting good volleyball action pictures requires that you think like a defender. The game moves too fast to shoot the action based on where it is actually happening. Approach the photo opportunity like a blocker sets up on the front line by following the action to anticipate where the next thing happens. Pre-focus your shot […]


Volleyball Has A Language All Its Own

If you want to be taken seriously as a volleyball player (or a fan), you need to speak the language. Before you take to the court, take the vocabulary test. Here is a list of the terms you’ll need to know.


Leg Strength Exercises Will Get You Over The Top

Volleyball conditioning matters for every part of the body, but everything else takes a back seat to leg strength. Before you take to the court, spend a few minutes with these leg exercise tips provided by the AVCA.


New York City Parks Add Volleyball Court Search Online

The New York City Parks Dept. has a new tool for those seeking a place to play volleyball. They now offer a search function to let you locate a volleyball court close to your location, based on zip code. Once you locate a court, you can then search permits that may have been already issued […]


Do It Yourself Volleyball

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Central Park in New York City has a number of volleyball courts, but in order to use them  you not only have to bring your own volleyball, you also have to bring your own net!