Ready To “Up” Your Game? Summer Camp Is The Place To Be

Serious volleyball players know that just regular season practice and competition is not enough if you want to get to the top. Summer volleyball camps are here to fill the void and the season is NOW. Epic sports has a great list of all the camps available to college and high school players this summer. […]


Vinyl Tape Adds Durability On Non-Wooden Floors

Now that the NCAA women’s volleyball season has wrapped up, the focus on volleyball courts turns to club and rec sports, with lots of matches being played on surfaces other than traditional wooden gym floors. Matches played on tile, polished concrete or synthetic floors also need temporary floor marking, but you may find that vinyl […]


USA Volleyball Joins Effort To Limit Concussions

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Following the the steps of football and other contact sports, USA Volleyball has joined in the national sports initiative to identify and prevent concussions. Awareness that concern for head injuries needs to extend to the volleyball court, USAVB is working with the Center For Disease Control to develop and distribute tools to coaches, parents and […]


If You’re Confused When Watching Competitive Volleyball, Take A Look At This

Newcomers to highly competitive volleyball quite often leave their first match a little bewildered.  The game moves fast, the court is complicated and the action and officiating sometimes don’t quite make sense. Before you attend your next match, take a minute to study this this three dimensional diagram from the Merriman-Webster Visual online dictionary.


Volleyball Has Been Around For Awhile

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Volleyball was invented in 1895 at the YMCA in Holyoke, MA.  It was originally called “mintonette”. Click here for a volleyball development timeline.

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Volleyball Coaches Serve Up “Tip of The Week” Videos

The American Volleyball Coaches Association, through their YouTube channel, are now offering a Tip of The Week video series. You can follow the tip postings by clicking here.

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USA Today Puts Volleyball In The News

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The Sept. 19 edition of USA Today featured the U.S. Womens National Volleyball Team.  The article acknowledged the women’s team victory in the NORCEA Women’s Continental Championship, the first step towards an eventual berth in the 2012 Olympics. You can read the USA today article by clicking here.