Laying Out A Temporary Court? Don’t Forget This Detail

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Midsummer is one of the times we see volleyball moving indoors and taking over courts that are usually intended for basketball. If you are taping out a temporary court, make sure that you don’t forget this detail. It is common knowledge that the dimensions of a court are 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. Not […]


That “Other” Volleyball Tape

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Around here, volleyball tape is the paper tape used to create temporary boundary lines when you need to play volleyball on a floor not designed for just that purpose. It is a paper tape that is designed to remove cleanly and not damage woden gym floors. Turns out, there is another kind of volleyball tape. […]


Come In From The Heat-Indoor Volleyball Is A Great Summer Activity

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Most summer volleyball is beach volleyball, but bringing it indoors (air conditioning?) is a great way to stay in shape for the summer. The demand for summer gym activities seems to focus on basketball, but volleyball can serve more players (12 at at time vs. 10) and allows for play among people with different levels […]


Vinyl Tape Adds Durability On Non-Wooden Floors

Now that the NCAA women’s volleyball season has wrapped up, the focus on volleyball courts turns to club and rec sports, with lots of matches being played on surfaces other than traditional wooden gym floors. Matches played on tile, polished concrete or synthetic floors also need temporary floor marking, but you may find that vinyl […]


Order On The Court-Judge P724 Presiding

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Trying to bring order to a gym floor that has painted lines for lots of different games is a constant battle against chaos. Solve the problem with Shurtape 724 paper tape. Line out your playing court (volleyball, badminton, whatever) with a set of lines that will stand out amid the others. Click here for more […]


Now That Will Do Some Real Court Damage

British news sources tell us that Kate, the Duchess of Windsor, took to the volleyball court at London’s Olympic Park in five inch heels to help promote one of her favorite charities. The future Queen of England is apparently a skilled volleyball player and is active in support of the charity run by SportsAid, which […]


Duke Turns Tar Heels Blue On “Turn It Pink” Night

UNC Women’s Volleyball’s unprecedented win streak came to a screeching halt on Friday, thanks to the Duke Blue Devils. Duke served up Carolina’s first loss of the season, after opening with an undefeated run of 13 matches. Over 5000 fans turned out for the “Turn It Pink” breast cancer awareness event which featured pink jerseys, […]


Dodge Takes To The Court In Fundraising Drive

Auburndale, WI has come up with a novel partnership in their efforts to repalce the gym floor in one of the communities schools. The Gym Floor Fundraising Committee worked with the local Dodge dealer in a promotion where Dodge donated $20 to the fund for every test drive taken in a Dodge vehicle. Over $4600.00 […]


Volleyball Too Easy? Give “Hooverball” A Try

When President Herbert Hoover asked his personal physician to come up with some activities to help keep him fit, the doctor invented a game that has come to be known as “Hooverball”. Played on a court similar to volleyball, with teams on opposing sides of an 8 foot net, the game used a medicine ball, […]


Yelp Adds Volleyball Court Reviews To The List

Yelp, the site that allows for unmoderated reviews of almost everything, has included indoor volleyball facilities to its list. You can search by city and by neighborhood an get some idea of what users think about specific facilities and their gym floors.l Just to to and enter “Indoor volleyball courts” in the FIND field […]