Tape Won’t Stick Anymore? How Are You Cleaning Your Floor?

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We regularly get calls from good customers, who discover, after using our floor tape for many seasons, that it is no longer sticking to the floor. Obviously, this is a problem and we always want to get customer problems solved. Almost always, when we confront this, we discover that there has been some change in […]


Scuff Marks On Your Gym Floor? Try This Tip For Removal

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Just a couple of ugly black scuff marks from the wrong kind of shoes can ruin the look of an otherwise pristine gym floor. Before breaking out the chemicals or doing something radical like sanding, try this trick. Take a new or nearly new (still fluffy) tennis ball and rub it in a vigorous circular […]


Tape Not Sticking Anymore? Did You Change Your Cleaning Formula?

One of the most common calls we get is from customers who have used our gym floor marking tape for years, but are now finding that it no longer adheres properly to the floor. Usually, the reason is because they have changed the formula that is used to clean the floor or they have failed […]


Laying Out A Temporary Court? Don’t Forget This Detail

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Midsummer is one of the times we see volleyball moving indoors and taking over courts that are usually intended for basketball. If you are taping out a temporary court, make sure that you don’t forget this detail. It is common knowledge that the dimensions of a court are 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. Not […]


That “Other” Volleyball Tape

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Around here, volleyball tape is the paper tape used to create temporary boundary lines when you need to play volleyball on a floor not designed for just that purpose. It is a paper tape that is designed to remove cleanly and not damage woden gym floors. Turns out, there is another kind of volleyball tape. […]


In NCAA Volleyball, the “Court” Is More Than Just The Court

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Normally, when we say volleyball court, we are talking about the playing surface defined by the boundaries and the net. Realizing that there were lots of definable spaces that relate to a match, but are not confined to that court outline, the NCAA, in 2009, created a document that helps define these additional competition-centric areas. […]


Here’s The Real Reason Gym Floor Care Is So Important

All gym floors eventually wear out, but there is no need to speed up the process. Before you do anything that might damage your floor, you might want to take a look at this video that shows just how big a job it is to replace a worn out or damaged floor. Click here to […]


Pink Floor Tape For Breast Cancer Awareness

Lots of volleyball programs mark Breast Cancer Awareness month in October by holding “Turn It Pink” Nights. This is a chance for teams all across the country to hold fund raising events. Promotions include t-shirt sales, auctioning of players’ special pink jerseys and providing items to fans like wristbands and pink socks. Now, you can […]


Shurtape 724 Now Available In Colors

There’s no need to just stick with white. You can now get Shurtape P724 floor marking tape in red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Colored P724 uses the same “repositionable” adhesive that allows it to be removed safely from a gym floor without doing any damage and all colors are now stock items. Click here […]


Sorry-No Tape Is Guaranteed To Not Damage A Floor

Early on in any discussion with a prospective customer for our paper floor tape, they inevitably ask if the product is “guaranteed”. Anyone who tells you that a tape is guaranteed to not damage your floor is not telling you the truth. No such tape exists. Shurtape 724 paper tape has an adhesive that is […]