Volleyball From Space-This Famous Volleyball Court As Seen From Above

Google is known for all the amenities that it offers to employees at its home office, known as the Googleplex. Not the least of these is their own beach volleyball court. Click here for a view of the court from a satellite, via Google Earth, along with an earthly view that lets you pan around […]


Is This Volleyball or Football?

Chinese 9 man volleyball ups the level of physicality in a lot of unexpected ways. This game, called “9 Man” has rules that encourage rough play and violent dunks. Gang blocking is allowed and the game has earned the nickname of “street volleyball” and it is sometimes played on the pavement instead of a polished […]


Great Pics of 2013 FIVB World League Finals

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This year’s FIVB World League Finals in Argentina has generated some terrific competition. Lots of good pictures posted to the FIVB Facebook page. Take a look here.


Countdown To The FIVB Club Championships Is On

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Web TV is set to stream the FIVB Volleyball World Club Championships.  The action starts in just over 24 hours. Click here for a countdown clock and a link to the stream where you can watch the action on court.


Unbelievable Chinese Volleyball Rally! You Gotta See This

Two minute rally.  Maybe the ball was filled with helium. Click here to watch