Benching Of Player Leads To Felony Harassment Charges

When John Kaskik’s daughter was benched during a recent Lisle High School (Illinois) match, he did just a little more than express his displeasure. Kasik followed the schools athletic director to his home where he confronted him. He then made harassing telephone calls all night threating the team coach and his family. Finally Kasik returned […]

Will Basketball Follow Volleyball’s Lead?

A lot of casual fans of women’s college sports are not aware that the net height for women’s volleyball is seven inches shorter than the height used for men’s play. ┬áThis disparity in thenet regulations is given much of the credit for the level of action and competitiveness in the women’s version of the game. […]

You Spike The Ball, Not Your Teammates

Eight members of the State University of New York at Geneseo have been charged with hazing after they were accused of mistreating six freshman team members. It is alleged that the women were handcuffed, blindfolded and forced to drink alcohol during an off campus party. One of the students was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. The […]