Why Synthetic Adhesives Are Best For Floor Marking

Shurtape P-724 uses an adhesive derived from petroleum, rather than a natural rubber adhesive. The raw materials and manufacturing process for making synthetic adhesives are more expensive than what is required to make natural rubber adhesive, but there are characteristics of synthetic adhesives that make them more suitable for temporary floor marking. Shurtape P-724 has […]

Gym Floor Taping-Paper Vs. Vinyl

In deciding what sort of tape to use for temporary floor marking, the decision comes down to two types of tape,  paper or vinyl.  There are other tapes available, but cloth tapes like gaffers tape are too thick to stand up to foot traffic without curling underfoot and fabric reinforced tapes like duct tape leave […]

Rules Changes For 2011 Season

Rules changes have been implemented for the upcoming season for both college and high school volleyball. Read more about these changes by clicking here. Volleyballtape.com is your source of information about gym floor tape, temporary court layout for volleyball and lots of other useful volleyball news and information.  Share your information and thoughts by clicking […]