ESPN To Offer Expanded Coverage Of 2016 NCAA Volleyball Season

Womens’ NCAA volleyball competition starts this week and ESPN has announced that they will provide more televised coverage than ever before. Their coverage this fall will be expanded to 30 games across the ESPN2 and ESPNU networks. ┬áCompetition will feature nine division one conferences. Streaming networks will also be expanding their offerings. Read more here. […]

All those Lines That Make Up The Court? Here’s What The NCAA Has To Say

The enforcer, when it comes to college volleyball, is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They make the rules and when they sanction a college program, the school is expected to follow them to the letter. I you want to know the details, down to the millimeter, about how a volleyball court is to be laid […]

NCAA Beach Volleyball To Debut In 2016

The NCAA has announced the beach volleyball will become a fully sanctioned womens’ sport next year, with the inaugural national championship becoming major college sports’ 90th championship. Beach volleyball has been on a list that the NCAA calls “emerging sports” since 2009, while carrying the name “sand volleyball”. With its emergence as a national championship […]