Tarheels Unveil 2014 Team With Scrimmage Tomorrow

The 2014 UNC women’s volleyball team will make their first public appearance tomorrow at 5:00 pm in an inter-team scrimmage at Carmichael Auditorium. Then it’s off for four tough road matches before returning to Chapel Hill for their home opener against Kentucky on Sept. 12 at 6:30 pm.  


Facebook Action Photos Bring New Season To Life

A new feature on the NCAA Facebook page has a great series of action photos which are tied to a countdown to the first day of the upcoming season. Check out the photos in the stream here . Like this page and join 177,783 Facebook users who are looking forward to the 2014 NCAA season. […]


Don’t forget About Divison II

With school set to start, the focus on college volleyball will again be on Divison I and whether or not Penn State can make another run to the national championship. Lost in the shuffle is Divison II, where competition can be just as fierce and the quality of play incredibly high. Click here for a […]


Facebook Really Likes Volleyball

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A search for “volleyball’ on Facebook brings up this staggering statistic. 31,451,952 Facebook users have declared that they like volleyball!