Volleyball From Space-This Famous Volleyball Court As Seen From Above

Google is known for all the amenities that it offers to employees at its home office, known as the Googleplex. Not the least of these is their own beach volleyball court. Click here for a view of the court from a satellite, via Google Earth, along with an earthly view that lets you pan around […]

LED Lighting Adds New Dimension To Volleyball Court Design

Access Fixtures, a leading manufacturer of sports lighting, has developed an LED lighting package intended for outdoor volleyball. They have determined that the ideal lighting level across a volleyball court is 27.67 foot candles, and their two pole/four light system is designed to provide this light level over the entire court. Access claims an energy […]

Ready To “Up” Your Game? Summer Camp Is The Place To Be

Serious volleyball players know that just regular season practice and competition is not enough if you want to get to the top. Summer volleyball camps are here to fill the void and the season is NOW. Epic sports has a great list of all the camps available to college and high school players this summer. […]

Leesburg, Florida To Take Beach Volleyball Big Time!

USA Volleyball in Florida is hoping to develop a beach volleyball complex on Lake Harris that would draw some of the best players in the world. The propsed Lake County facility would bring economic stimulus to the area by attracting USA Volleyball’s 12,000 Florida members as well as players from across the country. The proposal […]

The World’s Most Expensive Volleyball Court

Okay, maybe not the most expensive, but certainly a lot more than the builder expected to spend. The Detroit Free Press reports that a Michigan man, William Colston of Cheasing, built a professional quality sand volleyball court on federal land that had been designated as a preserve for an endangered bird. The land had been […]

After Hours Volleyball Leads To Advances In Court Lighting

The increase in interest for playing volleyball after dark has led to advancements in lightning fixtures for outdoor courts. New fixtures are designed to give greater control of what areas are lit and to reduce light spillage. The are known as “cutoff” fixtures. Incandescent floodlights are being replaced by metal halide and sodium lamps that […]