She Might Be Tall, But That’s Just About All

In a study for which the value of the actual results eludes us,, a web site that analyzes high school sports, has come up with an average height for all hitters (both sides) in every division of NCAA college volleyball. According to the posting on their web site, MaxPreps says that the info will […]


ESPN To Offer Expanded Coverage Of 2016 NCAA Volleyball Season

Womens’ NCAA volleyball competition starts this week and ESPN has announced that they will provide more televised coverage than ever before. Their coverage this fall will be expanded to 30 games across the ESPN2 and ESPNU networks.  Competition will feature nine division one conferences. Streaming networks will also be expanding their offerings. Read more here. […]


Gym Floor Ads Head To High School

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In yet another indication that advertising has completely compromised amateur sports, high schools are now raising funds by selling ad space on their gym floors. A high school in Michigan has raised over half of their $120,000 goal to replace their gym floor through sales of ads that will appear on the floor. School officials […]


Love Volleyball? Thank William G. Morgan

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The invention of volleyball is credited to Willam G. Morgan, an American born in 1870. Morgan originally called the gam “Mintonette”. While working as the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, MA, Morgan was interested in having a game that was easier to play and more inclusive than basketball. In order to […]


All those Lines That Make Up The Court? Here’s What The NCAA Has To Say

The enforcer, when it comes to college volleyball, is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They make the rules and when they sanction a college program, the school is expected to follow them to the letter. I you want to know the details, down to the millimeter, about how a volleyball court is to be laid […]


The Most Popular Name In Volleyball Just Might Be “Taylor”

Our research is less than scientific, but based on the 17 person UNC Womens Volleyball Team, the most popular name in NCAA womens volleyball appears to be “Taylor”. This year’s Tar Heel squad features three players named Taylor, almost 20% of the team. Congrats to the Taylors (and everyone else) on the victory over top […]


Tar Heels Set For Home Opener

After a rocky start on the road, the UNC Tar Heels are set to open their NCAA home season today at 6:00 PM at Carmichael Arena at 6:00 PM. The Heels will take the court against Stanford, after quickly falling from the pre-season top 10 because of a 1-4 record in their first 5 matches. […]


Volleyball From Space-This Famous Volleyball Court As Seen From Above

Google is known for all the amenities that it offers to employees at its home office, known as the Googleplex. Not the least of these is their own beach volleyball court. Click here for a view of the court from a satellite, via Google Earth, along with an earthly view that lets you pan around […]


Feeling Optimistic? NCAA Finals Tickets On Sale Now

Yes, we know that it is early September and the finals are three months away, but if you think your team is finals bound, tickets for the NCAA championships in Omaha are on sale now. The NCAA ticketing web site also offers a Sell option for those who planned ahead but didn’t see the season […]