She Might Be Tall, But That’s Just About All

In a study for which the value of the actual results eludes us,, a web site that analyzes high school sports, has come up with an average height for all hitters (both sides) in every division of NCAA college volleyball. According to the posting on their web site, MaxPreps says that the info will […]


Gym Floor Ads Head To High School

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In yet another indication that advertising has completely compromised amateur sports, high schools are now raising funds by selling ad space on their gym floors. A high school in Michigan has raised over half of their $120,000 goal to replace their gym floor through sales of ads that will appear on the floor. School officials […]


Is Volleyball Discriminating Against Boys

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Across the college sports spectrum, women’s volleyball is usually an “official” scholarship sport and men’s volleyball is relegated to the “club” status. Most thinking points to men’s football as the driver of this status quo, since there is a need to balance the number of scholarships provided to men in the football program with multiple […]


Want To Play College Volleyball? Set Your Sights Now

NCAA Women’s Volleyball is a great way to get a college scholarship. A varsity volleyball team has numerous scholarship opportunities and any high school player who thinks that they might make it onto a college court needs to begin planning early in their secondary school career. is a very valuable resource for any student […]


Ready To “Up” Your Game? Summer Camp Is The Place To Be

Serious volleyball players know that just regular season practice and competition is not enough if you want to get to the top. Summer volleyball camps are here to fill the void and the season is NOW. Epic sports has a great list of all the camps available to college and high school players this summer. […]


Pack The Place In Pink Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Montana school volleyball teams lead the nation in a breast cancer awareness promotion called “Pack The Place In Pink”. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Montana volleyball players are using special games both to raise awareness and raise funds that go directly to cancer patients. This is the sixth year that teams have taken […]


It’s All About The Pass passes along this great set of tips for working on your passing game.  Use volleyball floor tape to outline an area with different passing distances to add accuracy to the drill.


Volleyball Coaches Serve Up “Tip of The Week” Videos

The American Volleyball Coaches Association, through their YouTube channel, are now offering a Tip of The Week video series. You can follow the tip postings by clicking here.

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Gym Floor Taping-Paper Vs. Vinyl

In deciding what sort of tape to use for temporary floor marking, the decision comes down to two types of tape,  paper or vinyl.  There are other tapes available, but cloth tapes like gaffers tape are too thick to stand up to foot traffic without curling underfoot and fabric reinforced tapes like duct tape leave […]

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Rules Changes For 2011 Season

Rules changes have been implemented for the upcoming season for both college and high school volleyball. Read more about these changes by clicking here. is your source of information about gym floor tape, temporary court layout for volleyball and lots of other useful volleyball news and information.  Share your information and thoughts by clicking […]

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