Tape Not Sticking Anymore? Did You Change Your Cleaning Formula?

One of the most common calls we get is from customers who have used our gym floor marking tape for years, but are now finding that it no longer adheres properly to the floor. Usually, the reason is because they have changed the formula that is used to clean the floor or they have failed […]


Need Floor Tape? Expand Your Search

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We’ve promoted a special paper tape with quick release adhesive for temporary floor marking for a long time. It is particularly well suited for wooden floors and we have loyal users all over the country. Some users are seeking a more durable vinyl tape for use where floor damage is not an issue. It is […]


In NCAA Volleyball, the “Court” Is More Than Just The Court

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Normally, when we say volleyball court, we are talking about the playing surface defined by the boundaries and the net. Realizing that there were lots of definable spaces that relate to a match, but are not confined to that court outline, the NCAA, in 2009, created a document that helps define these additional competition-centric areas. […]


Vinyl Tape Adds Durability On Non-Wooden Floors

Now that the NCAA women’s volleyball season has wrapped up, the focus on volleyball courts turns to club and rec sports, with lots of matches being played on surfaces other than traditional wooden gym floors. Matches played on tile, polished concrete or synthetic floors also need temporary floor marking, but you may find that vinyl […]


Order On The Court-Judge P724 Presiding

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Trying to bring order to a gym floor that has painted lines for lots of different games is a constant battle against chaos. Solve the problem with Shurtape 724 paper tape. Line out your playing court (volleyball, badminton, whatever) with a set of lines that will stand out amid the others. Click here for more […]


Here’s The Real Reason Gym Floor Care Is So Important

All gym floors eventually wear out, but there is no need to speed up the process. Before you do anything that might damage your floor, you might want to take a look at this video that shows just how big a job it is to replace a worn out or damaged floor. Click here to […]


Shurtape 724 Now Available In Colors

There’s no need to just stick with white. You can now get Shurtape P724 floor marking tape in red, blue, yellow, green and orange. Colored P724 uses the same “repositionable” adhesive that allows it to be removed safely from a gym floor without doing any damage and all colors are now stock items. Click here […]


Wiki Answers Adds Their Endorsement To Shurtape 724

Wiki.answers.com, a crowd sourced repository of information has climbed on the band wagon in endorsing Shurtape P-724 as the best tape to use for temporary gym floor marking. Click here to read what Wiki Answers editors have to say about this product.


Sorry-No Tape Is Guaranteed To Not Damage A Floor

Early on in any discussion with a prospective customer for our paper floor tape, they inevitably ask if the product is “guaranteed”. Anyone who tells you that a tape is guaranteed to not damage your floor is not telling you the truth. No such tape exists. Shurtape 724 paper tape has an adhesive that is […]


Jargon Watch-How To “Talk Volleyball”

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Most sports have their own lingo, and volleyball is no different. About.com has a whole section on volleyball vocabulary. Click here if you want to be able to “talk the talk”. Volleyballtape.com is your leading source of information about setting up temporary playing courts with gym floor tape.