Serve, block, dig and spike.  Bob Holmes does it all.  He’s a one man volleyball machine. Holmes uses his volleyball skills in a one man exhibition to bring attention to his “Beat The Odds” program designed to inspire high school students. The 56 year old inspirational speaker has beaten pro teams, teams of celebrities and […]

If You’re Confused When Watching Competitive Volleyball, Take A Look At This

Newcomers to highly competitive volleyball quite often leave their first match a little bewildered.  The game moves fast, the court is complicated and the action and officiating sometimes don’t quite make sense. Before you attend your next match, take a minute to study this this three dimensional diagram from the Merriman-Webster Visual online dictionary.

It’s More Than A Game To These Guys

The interest in Olympic volleyball and the success of the U.S. team has cast a spotlight on the earnings potentials of these high profile athletes. Website Celebrity Net Worth estimates that gold medal winner Misty May-Traynor has amassed a net worth in excess of $6 million, primarily from endorsement deals. In addition to the endorsements, […]