Now That Will Do Some Real Court Damage

British news sources tell us that Kate, the Duchess of Windsor, took to the volleyball court at London’s Olympic Park in five inch heels to help promote one of her favorite charities. The future Queen of England is apparently a skilled volleyball player and is active in support of the charity run by SportsAid, which […]

What Fashionable Players Will Be Wearing This Fall

Savvy passers will take to the court this season wearing “Volleze”, special “sleeves” designed to take some of the sting out of digging or passing a spiked shot. Volleze are designed to give the forearms a little extra protection, and are particularly useful in drills where the player works on the same move over and […]

Volleyball Word Of The Day-“Libero”

Casual viewers of women’s volleyball often ask why a single player on each team wears a jersey that doesn’t match their teammates. This player is called the “libero” and they are, ¬†for the most part, restricted to defensive play and not allowed on the front line. The NCAA introduced this concept in 2002 and modified […]