LED Lighting Adds New Dimension To Volleyball Court Design

Access Fixtures, a leading manufacturer of sports lighting, has developed an LED lighting package intended for outdoor volleyball. They have determined that the ideal lighting level across a volleyball court is 27.67 foot candles, and their two pole/four light system is designed to provide this light level over the entire court. Access claims an energy […]


Yelp Adds Volleyball Court Reviews To The List

Yelp, the site that allows for unmoderated reviews of almost everything, has included indoor volleyball facilities to its list. You can search by city and by neighborhood an get some idea of what users think about specific facilities and their gym floors.l Just to to Yelp.com and enter “Indoor volleyball courts” in the FIND field […]


Need A Court-Try Google Maps

Google Maps now offers the ultimate search function for hard core volleyball players You can actually locate courts in your area buy using google maps to make the search. Here’s an example.  


The World’s Most Expensive Volleyball Court

Okay, maybe not the most expensive, but certainly a lot more than the builder expected to spend. The Detroit Free Press reports that a Michigan man, William Colston of Cheasing, built a professional quality sand volleyball court on federal land that had been designated as a preserve for an endangered bird. The land had been […]


New York City Parks Add Volleyball Court Search Online

The New York City Parks Dept. has a new tool for those seeking a place to play volleyball. They now offer a search function to let you locate a volleyball court close to your location, based on zip code. Once you locate a court, you can then search permits that may have been already issued […]


Beach Season Over? Not If You Play “Blobby” Volleyball

Volleyball has finely made it to the smart phone. Blobby Volleyball is a free, downloadable smart phone app. That might help you make it through the off season if there is no way to get to an inside court. Unlikely that it will get you your volleyball fix, but it is good for a few […]


If You’re Confused When Watching Competitive Volleyball, Take A Look At This

Newcomers to highly competitive volleyball quite often leave their first match a little bewildered.  The game moves fast, the court is complicated and the action and officiating sometimes don’t quite make sense. Before you attend your next match, take a minute to study this this three dimensional diagram from the Merriman-Webster Visual online dictionary.


Volleyball Courts By The Ton

The Chinese have joined in on the challenge of perfecting the synthetic outdoor volleyball court in a big way. Shangran, a giant Chinese industrial conglomerate has announced that they are able to provide the raw materials for outdoor playing courts in bulk, up to 2000 metric tons per month. Their material can be used to […]


Looks Like The Beach Volleyball Season Might Be Over

Abandoned beach volleyball courts mean that the game is moving inside.  If you don’t have a dedicated volleyball gym, you’ll need some volleyball floor tape to get your court ready.


Volleyball Gym Floor Reborn In The Classroom

A salvaged gym floor from a Colorado recreation center has been repurposed into classroom furniture. Wool Hat furniture took the maple floor boards and turned them into furniture, including the original painted  boundary lines. You can see pictures of their work by clicking here.