Not Just Any Line Will Do

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Official volleyball rules require that all court lines be two inches wide (5 cm). If you are laying out a temporary volleyball court in a basketball gym, use this floor tape to create those two inch wide lines. Click  here for a link to all court dimensions.


Hello Google Page One!

On , in gym floor tape, Permacel 724, by admin has made it to Google page 1 for the search term “gym floor tape”.  Now it’s as easy to find as it is to use!


Why Synthetic Adhesives Are Best For Floor Marking

Shurtape P-724 uses an adhesive derived from petroleum, rather than a natural rubber adhesive. The raw materials and manufacturing process for making synthetic adhesives are more expensive than what is required to make natural rubber adhesive, but there are characteristics of synthetic adhesives that make them more suitable for temporary floor marking. Shurtape P-724 has […]

Gym Floor Taping-Paper Vs. Vinyl

In deciding what sort of tape to use for temporary floor marking, the decision comes down to two types of tape,  paper or vinyl.  There are other tapes available, but cloth tapes like gaffers tape are too thick to stand up to foot traffic without curling underfoot and fabric reinforced tapes like duct tape leave […]

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USA Volleyball Endorses Shurtape 724 For Floor Marking

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Click here to read USA Volleyball memo regarding using Shurtape 724 for temporary floor marking