Need Volleyball Images? Volley-Court-Central Comes to The Rescue

If you manage a web site for a volleyball team or club, then you’re always in need of good images and graphics for your site. Volleyball-Court-Central has stepped up with a great selection of clip art and animations that you can use, free of charge. Thank you,  Volleyball Court Central.

Want To Make A Volleyball? First You’ll Need To Pass Geometry

Modern volleyball construction is precise and requires a deep knowledge of materials and construction techniques. The best volleyballs, whether made of leather or synthetic materials, are constructed from eighteen regular panels, assembled in six identical sections. Volleyball floor tape is your source for temporary gym floor marking.

Does This Mean That Volleyball Will Be Added To The Sports Book?

The Atlantic City Alliance and Casino Development Authority has opened 14 new beach volleyball courts near the Boardwalk. The opening weekend featured a tournament and the Authority is hoping to introduce professional and celebrity events in the spring. The installation cost $135,000.00. No word yet whether or not Atlantic City casinos will start taking bets […]

Volleyball Word Of The Day-“Libero”

Casual viewers of women’s volleyball often ask why a single player on each team wears a jersey that doesn’t match their teammates. This player is called the “libero” and they are,  for the most part, restricted to defensive play and not allowed on the front line. The NCAA introduced this concept in 2002 and modified […]

VolleyBall News

Excerpt from RSS Feed Sep 19, Beach Volleyball History – Volleyball Court Central Are you looking for information on beach volleyball history? Find everything you need to know about the awesome sport of beach volleyball. Sep 19, The History Of Volleyball & Timeline Of Significant Events Information on the history of volleyball about its […]

Volleyball Courts By The Ton

The Chinese have joined in on the challenge of perfecting the synthetic outdoor volleyball court in a big way. Shangran, a giant Chinese industrial conglomerate has announced that they are able to provide the raw materials for outdoor playing courts in bulk, up to 2000 metric tons per month. Their material can be used to […]