LED Lighting Adds New Dimension To Volleyball Court Design

LED lightingAccess Fixtures, a leading manufacturer of sports lighting, has developed an LED lighting package intended for outdoor volleyball.

They have determined that the ideal lighting level across a volleyball court is 27.67 foot candles, and their two pole/four light system is designed to provide this light level over the entire court.

Access claims an energy savings of 67% and a 100,000 hour lamp life. Unlike current technology, the LED system is “instant on”, requiring no warm up time.

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NCAA Volleyball Fan? Today’s Your Day

volleyball playerToday is the official opening of the 2015 NCAA Division 1 womens’ volleyball season.

Hometown heroes, the UNC Tar Heels take to the court in their season opener against Southern Cal in Los Angeles.

Hoping to see them close their season with a win in the NCAA championships in Omaha, come December.


Tape Won’t Stick Anymore? How Are You Cleaning Your Floor?

mop bucketWe regularly get calls from good customers, who discover, after using our floor tape for many seasons, that it is no longer sticking to the floor.

Obviously, this is a problem and we always want to get customer problems solved.

Almost always, when we confront this, we discover that there has been some change in the process used to clean the gym floor.

There are cleaning chemicals that are designed to resist the components used in high quality adhesives, and if there is a residue of chemicals left on the floor surface after cleaning, it will keep the tape from creating a good bond.


Coaches Pre-Season Rankings Announced

VOLLEYBALL PLAYERSThe most recent coaches poll for the upcoming NCAA women’s volleyball season still sees last year’s champions, Penn State, in the top spot, followed by Stanford and Texas.

Most Division 1 programs begin play during the next week.


NC Central Volleyball Pics Go Viral

facebookThe North Carolina Central University volleyball team has long toiled in the shadows of more well known local programs, UNC and Duke.

This season may be different, since team pics have gone viral on social media, getting thousands of page views for the team.

We can’t wait for the season to start.

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Scuff Marks On Your Gym Floor? Try This Tip For Removal

TENNIS RACQUET AND BALLJust a couple of ugly black scuff marks from the wrong kind of shoes can ruin the look of an otherwise pristine gym floor.

Before breaking out the chemicals or doing something radical like sanding, try this trick.

Take a new or nearly new (still fluffy) tennis ball and rub it in a vigorous circular motion over the scuff.

Make sure you wash the tennis ball in warm, soapy water before using it again.


US Vs. Mexico Border Wall Volleyball-Apparently More Than A Myth

sombreroWe thought that the stories about Americans and Mexicans playing volleyball over the boarder wall was just some sort of urban myth, but this YouTube video shows the real thing.

New Olympic sport-Wallyball!


Tar Heels Picked To Top ACC

college volleyball-volleyballtape.comIn a vote of all the conference coaches, the North Carolina Tar Heels have been picked as the likely champion for the 2015 womens’ volleyball season.

Carolina barely slipped by Florida State to top the pre-season poll.

You can read more here.


Ready To Play? 19 Days To Opening of NCAA Season

August calendarThe countdown is on, and the NCAA Volleyball Facebook page says that it is now 19 days until the season opens.


ESPN Announces UNC 2015 Volleyball Schedule

volleyball from volleyballtape.comESPN has announced their 2015 Womens NCAA volleyball schedule, and the UNC Tar Heels will be appearing on eight broadcasts.

Most of the matches will appear on the ESPN3 network.

The first match will be against Stanford, when the Tar Heels play their home opener.

You can see the whole schedule by clicking here.