Shurtape P-724 uses an adhesive derived from petroleum, rather than a natural rubber adhesive. The raw materials and manufacturing process for making synthetic adhesives are more expensive than what is required to make natural rubber adhesive, but there are characteristics of synthetic adhesives that make them more suitable for temporary floor marking. Shurtape P-724 has what is classified as a “repositionable” adhesive, which means that its adhesion factor (stickiness) is such that the tape can be removed from the floor without damaging the surface.

Natural rubber adhesive tapes tend to have higher adhesion factors and are more likely to pull up the floor finish or paint when removed. The composition of natural rubber adhesive makes it more likely to leave adhesive residue behind when it is removed.  Synthetic rubber adhesives are designed to come up clean, leaving nothing on the floor when it is removed.

Synthetic rubber, as opposed to natural latex rubber has fewer impurities because it is subjected to a more complex refining process.  While this process makes synthetic rubber more expensive, it is worth the additional cost when floor care is important to the user.

You can read more about synthetic rubber here.

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