gym floor tape from buytape.comEarly on in any discussion with a prospective customer for our paper floor tape, they inevitably ask if the product is “guaranteed”.

Anyone who tells you that a tape is guaranteed to not damage your floor is not telling you the truth. No such tape exists.

Shurtape 724 paper tape has an adhesive that is designed to remove cleanly (no residue) and not damage the surface of a well-maintained floor that is kept in good condition. Unfortunately, that does not include any sort of a guarantee.

If a floor has been sun or water damaged, cleaned with harsh chemicals or allowed to deteriorate by not being well maintained, then the finish is unlikely to stand up to any sort of tape removal.

If poor quality paint or inexpensive polyurethane is used, then it is much less likely to be able to resist the adhesion of any tape, regardless of the type of adhesive it uses.

If tape is left on too long (months) then it will eventually dry out and leave a residue, regardless of the quality of the adhesive.

While we are happy to provide a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” promise that means we will provide a refund of your purchase price, no reputable tape distributor is going to provide an unconditional guarantee that would include repairing or refinishing your floor if it is damaged from tape use.



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